According to the Ministry of Industry and Information and the customs statistics, China’s mobile phone production in the first two months of this year fell 11.2%, mobile phones and parts exports to drop more than 17.2% over the same period last year, fell the most speed for the past few years. 2008, was once a low price and complete feature captured thousands of consumers, “cottage mobile phone” with the same experience Financial Crisis of enormous impact. According to Shenzhen mobile phone industry sources, this year, Shenzhen, many cottage enterprises have encountered difficulties, there have been mass closures of closing. How to seek a breakthrough in a crisis, a “domestic mobile phone” top priority. Cottage high imitation mobile phones ( HC screen Special Indian network With map) “Cottage phone,” a silent revolution Shenzhen Huaqiang North’s cottage culture is regarded as a rare destructive innovation over the past decade, and swept the world over the past two to three years under the impact of the cottage, the collective experience of domestic mobile phone debacle, the media reported that the Shenzhen Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau is on the market to regulate cottage on vendors selling fake goods in the cottage renovation, so that legitimate “cottage” products and illegal “cottage” products make a clean break. “Cottage phone” as the Chinese mobile phone market share occupied 20% of the “new” in the future will show what changes? Can set off a wave of new mobile phone market? Become a topic of concern to the government and enterprises. At the same time as the phone equipment manufacturers?? Screen printing, Pad Whether the enterprise in the mobile phone market withstand the test of changes in positive to respond? To this end, HC screen printing network links the Shenzhen special two local phone screen printing, pad printing equipment manufacturers, on the current “cottage phone” market conditions and carried out of the enterprises themselves. Face of cottage products righting the voice of the government, the Shenzhen Fu Industrial Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu license transfer request, said: “currently on the market” cottage phone “using plagiarism, imitation based, innovative things their own limited company, threshold because the industry is low, any small workshops are available through imitation and other means in their operations, leading to the cell phone market, quite a mixed bag. the government introduced standard “cottage phone” market policy, in itself is positive, it can guide the development of product specifications cottage, self- innovation and upgrading, but how to ensure? how to make the policy floor? governments and enterprises also need to work together, the lack of either side is difficult to regulate the market. ” He also said: “The global financial crisis, Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other overseas market demand reduced, it directly led to the” cottage phone “sales decline, which will screen on the upper reaches of mobile phones, mobile printing equipment manufacturers have been affected. At this point the cost savings will be the key to survival and development of enterprises, such as: human, material and so on, which requires enterprises to cost control, efficiency through the automation equipment to speed up and reduce labor costs, thereby ensuring their own stable development. ” Good cooperation Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City Manager Mr. Liu Xianyong on Printing machine Sell The situation was described: “by the greater environmental impact, in five, in June went through a difficult period, with the second half of the overall economy pick up, the situation has been improving in August sales, more orders compared to the past also, the government centralizer cottage products, printing market for mobile phones will play a certain role. ” Recent years, the “cottage” business has begun to take the initiative to implement high-end market from low end to the transition from OEM, OEM to the development of free brand, from simple assembly to imitate some innovation, has become a high-tech industries in Shenzhen ” generation. ” “Cottage mobile phone” Rise to the existing mobile phone brands are also sounded the alarm, A silent revolution in the rapid spread of mobile phone industry. Highlights the essence of all in 2009, “China Industry News Daquan? Silk screen printing industry, particularly paper,” On-line free of charge from More exciting, please see>>

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