April 19 issue of the first 336? “Look the East Weekly” published an article called “” sea door “World Pok Paul Hood” of the article, the following is the full text:

“Not the same structure of the ship, and some boats have hidden export, or there could be out of the cracks,” the new Monitoring System , The “Beijing’s leadership in the office, can at any time to see the situation on the Waigaoqiao dock”

2010 3 18 early morning, although it is early spring, but still moist winds are biting chill people. China’s busiest terminal in Waigaoqiao dock —, Shaw once again forced straightened National Development Police uniforms And subconsciously touched another pistol in the waist. Obviously, he was not comfortable with the gun posts.

Xiao country not far from the front building, a ten-storey wheel is slowly dock. At this point, both inside and outside the Waigaoqiao port area, from the pier to the police were blocking all the mount, because, according to information obtained Waigaoqiao border station, a group of illegal foreign workers are trying to hold false false documents, by way of container smuggling entry.

Boat dock just a waiting on the shore of police quickly into the container area. Mountains of containers, before a police unit is extraordinarily small. But the police are not scared, but took out a device, along the container next to the channel slowly investigation.

Soon, in which an instrument indicator light flashes. The police quickly issued a signal, the other police who heard about this, well captured in the container next to the preparations. Container door opens, illegal immigrants without a fight.

This is the most recent World Pok Wai Gao Qiao Checkpoint security exercises, scenes, equipment used by police called a “life detector”, is an advanced high-tech equipment.

Waigaoqiao Frontier Inspection Station of Pan Baolin told Articles I, World Expo, “the sea door” will achieve the security of high-tech — “Take 1 March to Shanghai, an international ro-ro for instance, a vessels of more than 2,000 units installed Car The entire ship has dozens of stories high, too easy to hide one or two people, if not high-tech tools, the World Pok is difficult to imagine the difficulty of preserving. ”

“Life detector for a take that, and there is no clear” Checkpoint World Pok

Waigaoqiao greatest difficulty lies in preserving the task few people.

Checkpoint including civilian police, and civilian workers, a total of not more than 200 people, but the scope of duty but from the Yangpu Bridge, Pudong, on the 5th to ditch all of the Yangtze and Huangpu River between the waters. A total of 35 terminal area, 80 berths, length more than 80 km coastline on duty.

Waigaoqiao Shanghai and throughout China in all of the busiest terminals, container throughput ranks first in the country over the years. In 2009, Waigaoqiao Port container throughput of 14.048 million the year Standard Case, accounting for 56.3% of Shanghai Port container throughput. Moreover, the area of the sea through port is one of the largest ro-ro terminals, car import and export volume in 2009 is second only to the Tianjin Port, the second in the nation.

Since early 2009, the Shanghai World Expo entry of goods by sea transportation began gradually from here in Shanghai. Few people live more responsibility for large, high-tech is imperative.

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