Known as “mobile phone crazy,” said

Wan Jianming Turn of the year standing in the media spotlight once again. This time, his identity is a country rainbow

Communication Chairman and CEO. Addition restless personality, to promote re-Wan Jianming, the direct cause of high-profile appearance on the light of recent mobile phone, a CCTV survey results will include

Chang Involved, including handsets TV Direct sales of domestic mobile phone enterprises involved in a confidence crisis.

The deeper reason is the team led by Wan Jianming, Changhong 3C layout has a firm footing. On the Wan Jianming, the station again to the forefront of domestic mobile phone ready to fly, had to send.

Direct defense for TV “TV direct sales channel appears as a naturally has its reasons, the development of questions to be resolved in development.” In the TV direct sales model has been strongly questioned, Wan Jianming no secret of its responsibilities under this new sales model support.

Wan Jianming said the first 11 months of 2007, Changhong’s mobile phone sales in the rapid growth in November sales topped 1 million units, has quickly catapulted to recruit from the domestic mobile phone top three. Changhong rapid promotion and sales of TV direct sales with new sales model that has much.

In fact, since Mobile TV Direct the “Pandora’s Box” was opened, domestic mobile phone makers have surrounded them, have joined the TV direct sales of camp.

TCL , UT Starcom , ZTE, Changhong, Lenovo, XING,

CEC T, Han Thai, seven-up products such as mobile phone manufacturers, frequently appears in television direct marketing

Advertisement On.

However, recently the central

TV station “Economic Half-Hour” aired an investigation of the light mobile phone that includes a number of brands, including Changhong mobile light mobile claims fall short of causing the industry to the television direct-sales model, the existing mobile TV direct sales The false propaganda, misleading features, price game, quality, after-sale problems, have made the domestic mobile phone into a collective credit crisis.

“Traditional channels Ye Hao, emerging channels but all these sources has the existence of good faith and bad faith issues. TV direct sales of the problem can be resolved to strengthen supervision.” Wan Jianming, that “modern of

Life Approach has changed in the past people bought

Home Appliances Product usually go to big department stores, now go home appliance chain stores in the next phone call can be delivered to your door, TV direct sales as a channel for innovation is a necessity. “Says Wan Jianming, Changhong will adhere to TV direct phone mode, and pushing light phone.

Wan Jianming channels for innovative ideas, industry observers Lu Renbo support. Lu Renbo that the phone stores and professional

States United States And other home appliance chain stores, foreign brands have absolute advantage. Face higher costs of the channel, select the lower cost of domestic mobile TV shopping channel and against the foreign brands, after all, a realistic option, which problems should be resolved through the specification.

To do domestic mobile phone voice quality

Who think that they are domestic mobile phone “The Godfather” and the end of 2004 left the TCL Wan Jianming, the domestic mobile phone also followed the arrival of winter. Industry generally believe that is a brilliant Wan Jianming, has in the past.

But just a few years time, once again let Wan Jianming, another mobile phone brand??? Changhong the forefront among the domestic mobile phone, which itself is a legend. However, this legendary figure who has much less then the high-handed and arrogant, a lot more rational and calm.

TCL in a year Diamond Mobile success of the Wan Jianming, but just re-appearance is not only important quality fashion phone dealer eventually abandoned.

Will not repeat the same mistakes the second time.

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