When running your own business, it’s best to promote it over and over again. Whether you run a restaurant or small coffee shop, you need to get your business in front of your customers. In case you don’t have enough budgets to carry out expensive and elaborate marketing campaigns, you can always go for business cards. These cards are simple but an effective form of advertisement. Although you can’t give a lot of discounts or gifts in your cards, it can always articulately present your products and services with them. When done effectively, it can get your business to sell, sell, and sell.

When carrying out a business card campaign, the basic assumption is that you know who your target market is. You know who you should sell to and who are likely to respond positively to your campaign. Your cards have to also reflect your business and your image. They have to be always with you ready to be handed out to anyone you meet. People who receive them will instantly know who you are and what products or services you can provide them.

Business cards are also a good tool for job seekers. It can serve as your miniature resume when the situation deems it inappropriate to give out your resume. You have to simply change the business details to your personal information which you think will be beneficial to your prospective employers.

Whether you create a business card for personal or business use, here are some important rules to you need to follow:

1. A strong headline – this is what you write on top to attract people’s attention


A good copy – this is what you write in the middle that tells people about you or your business

3. A strong call to action – this is the part that encourages people to try your products or services

Creating a strong headline

As much as possible, the headline must be able to stir the interest of your prospects and make a realizable promise. Don’t simply create a headline that looks cute or funny. The headline has to be valuable and direct to the point.  If you do your cards these ways, you will be able to generate instant attention and interest. The question now is how you would be able to fulfill your promises in your headline. Be sure to give an answer to this question, otherwise forget your marketing campaign at all.

In any case, be sure to deliver a clear and precise headline, and you are sure to get the sale and profit you desire. Keep in mind that if you can’t deliver your headline effectively, it’s likely that you will be out of business quickly and easily.

Creating a good copy

Just like in your headline, your copy should be as effective and straight to the point as possible. You need to talk to your target customers clearly and concisely. Don’t include though everything in your card. Keep in mind that there is only a limited space in your business card templates, so just include the top five things you want your prospects to know. Remember that the copy has to be connected to the headline. So, work carefully with your copy and your headline.

Creating a call to action

The call to action should be strong and effective. It’s important that you tell your prospects what they should be whether it is to call you, visit your web site or go to your store.

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