It is not your customer’s job to remember you.

It is your obligation and responsibility

to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.

~ Patricia Fripp

If you want to succeed in the cutthroat world of sales, you need more than marketing skills. You need to understand your customer and you need to be passionate about the product that you are selling. Let’s first try to understand the customer.

How People Think They Buy

People think that their buying behavior is completely rational. They believe that they have carefully evaluated their set of alternatives, considered the pros and cons, and then made a conscious choice.

How They Actually Buy

Expert salesmen will tell you that it is usually the first few minutes that determines the outcome of a sale. Almost everyone is an emotional buyer. They buy based on the trust and attraction they feel towards the product. At a subconscious level, they have already made a choice. They then rationalize backwards to convince themselves and the world. Most of the times, this logic is flawed and contains incomplete information.

The Success Mantra: Selling With Soul

Selling can be much simpler than what we imagine it to be, if we change our paradigms. It is difficult to accept that rationality plays a very limited part in the process. Here is how you can sell with soul for great results.

Listen to Emotions: The need recognition of the buyer is a primarily emotional event. You need to listen to the emotions that they are conveying through verbal and non verbal cues. Are they driven by fear? Or are they buying because they want acceptance from a group of people? If you reach the basis of the purchasing decision correctly, don’t tell it to them outright.

Rather mould your benefits to fit the person. You will see your sales go through the roof, once you learn to identify and stimulate emotions.

Establish A Connection: The general population is wary of salesmen. Customers tend to be on their guard and scrutinize every word of what you say. You must get them to relax and trust you. That is when you will be able to mould their opinion. This is done by building rapport, establishing some common ground or telling them about a similar customer (which may be a fictional character). These techniques tell the customer that you know what they want.

The key to success is to try not be like the hard selling car salesman. Be subtle and persuade. Pushing only drives customer away.

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