11 14 took place on business school dormitory in Shanghai, causing a fire killed four girls, who have been initially identified cause of the fire department of unruly students use the “heater” result. Interview with this reporter recently discovered that some of the regular shopping malls and supermarkets in Shanghai have been difficult to find “hot faster” figure, but in some grocery stores, flea market such products can still be found. Where winter sale

Small appliances

More for the “three noes” products may lead to fire a little inappropriate.

Reporters found that some small shops inside Qiujiang Lu a “heater” for sale. In a shop, the reporter asked whether sales “heater”, the owner took out a plastic bag easy packaging items, even though printed on plastic bags use, precautions, but can not find the manufacturer, address and other information also there is no mandatory certification of “3C” sign. Such a “heater” bid 8 yuan cheaper only five yuan.

Reporter visited the three selling “heater” in the shop, out of all the “three free” products. When a reporter asked one of the safety of these products when the owner, the person actually asked: “



Water heater

Not safe, is not according to common ah? As long as the method used in accordance with instructions no problem. “

Reporter found that “heater” minimum power of 800 watts, 1500 watts of high once more root “heater” used in conjunction, can easily cause a short circuit. But the owner said: “The power of a large boil on the fast, people use not to leave, and saw the water opened to unplug.”

Owner of another store, said, “heater” in accordance with the general safety level of three categories: the simplest is the electric Continuous Twisted insulated isolation, immediately after power heating; the other is to increase a flow alarm, water Shaofei will sound an alarm; third increase of temperature automatic cut off automatically after the water boil.

“There is alarm and off electrical appliances are more than twice as expensive, to tens of dollars. The cost of a high, manufacturers are not very willing to produce.”

Learned that the “heater” in the main consumer group of students, foreign workers, etc. need to live in the dormitory population. Reporters on the scene encountered by the two come to buy “heater” of migrant workers, said that as the landlord limit the use of their gas, “heater” has become an essential tool, one will have 23 quarters of last year had also Therefore, two short power outage caused by quarters. “It’s easy to bad things, sometimes a month to buy two.”

Under “Household and similar electrical appliances General Requirements” and “Household and similar electrical appliances Particular requirements for room heaters,” such as national standards, without the compulsory product certification and 3C certification mark does not indicate The room heaters are not factory, importation, sale. Experts also said that poor quality of the “heater” prone to failure, once power is not caused by moisture Shaogan time, the “heater” in the outer tube will soon be burned, or even explode.

Introduced, according to some shopkeepers, though, “heater” less and less demand, but in autumn and winter sales might be some “rebound.” Reporters on the scene also found that, in addition to “heater”, the electric heaters, electric heaters, electric blankets and others have sold many of them the “three non-product” of the figure. These have occurred in the city after winter electrical fire caused the incident, a fire occurred in the city this year among the most from the electrical fault caused a fire, accounting for 41.9%.

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