Solar charger is the charger which utilizes the solar energy just to supply electricity to various devices and for charging batteries, the solar charger are is a renewable alternative to normal electric chargers and they are usually portable and can be easily carried around . Solar chargers frequently charge the Ni- Cd battery bank or lead acid up to forty eight Volts and 100 ampere per hour all up to four hundred ampere per hour capacity. These types of solar chargers usually charge the controllers which are used. A process of solar chargercollection plates are always put separately on the top of terrace, which can be easily connected to battery bank. This arrangement can also be used in the addition to the supply chargers for saving the energy. The initial cost of solar chargers is higher than that of electric chargers but they are much more useful and save a lot of money in the long run as for them one does not need to pay electricity bills.

A portable charger may have an indicator to check if the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, you can also take note of a simple formula for the average charge time, which is the ratio of the amp/hour rating versus charger rating in amperes. Allocate an additional 10% as an allowance for optimum charge.

Most portable solar chargers can absorb energy from the sun directly. During these days the portablewind turbines are also purchased by the peoples. Moreover, some of them include the Kinesis K3, which can work very efficiently. There are some examples of solar chargers which includes the models which are designed to be placed on the control panel of an automobile and are usually plugged into the cigar lighter, just to keep the battery topped up. Many portable solar charge are smaller in size, which are designed to charge a range of varies cell phones, mobile phones, iPods and many other portable audio equipments.

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