With the national energy-saving emission reduction, the need for industrial upgrading, solar energy heat utilization industry, suddenly from the “grassroots” into a “noble”, there has been 20-year history in the process of the most prosperous scene. Last year, sales of solar water heaters on the market, “soared 3000-foot”, the industry output from 35 billion yuan to 500 billion yuan mark a breakthrough, an increase of the previous 3 years combined; sun, rain, seasons Mu-song, and so on Lida large enterprises have sprung up everywhere, while the solar thermal industry has also changed seating, sun rain tops the list.

According to the relevant authority of the research institutions in China nearly ten thousand people in 132 townships consumer survey results show that the sun rain, four seasons Mu-song, Emperor Ming, Li Norit, Sang five major music brand awareness reached 82%, awareness of up to 74 %, while before that, Wong Ming holds the industry sales leader for several years.

I learned from Jiangsu Sun Yu Group, last year, the rain the sun to grasp the “favorable climatic, geographical, and the” three key points to 2 billion yuan of total sales, 80% of the growth rate, water heater production and sales industry, the first break one million units, are exported to more than 00 countries, accounting for 15% of the industry’s share of export industries first performance. L-bit false start, in the production scale, market sales, total sales over the years of Emperor Ming dominated the Champion to become the world’s largest water heater manufacturer, became the industry the “new section champion.”

In 2008 the last day of the state to the Chinese solar energy heat utilization industry, sent a gift: the State Council issued “on the expansion of spending to invigorate circulation of opinions” a comprehensive rural areas to promote the work of home appliances, including solar water heaters, including a series of products will be added to the scope of subsidies for home appliances to the countryside policies.

Upon the announcement, solar energy heat utilization industry, more than 6,000 enterprises, more than 500 million employees to be blown away. This used to be self-reliant groups of solar thermal water heaters seem, solar energy to rural areas, so that the industry enjoyed a “national treatment”, and the countryside as an active promoter of solar energy, solar rain are the successful most products, the successful tenderer the region’s most extensive the widest range of bid prices led the industry, its unique “urban-rural linkage” marketing strategies of solar home appliances to the countryside icing on the cake.

Popularity of low-carbon economy, making solar thermal industry “ugly duckling” into a “White Swan”, in the past have been subject to discrimination of solar thermal industry, began to receive recognition.

Xu, chairman of the New Sun Yu said that the low-carbon economy era, new energy has a bright development prospects, while the solar thermal industry, new energy projects compared to other unique advantages, because the full intellectual property rights and core technology rests in the hands of the Chinese people, the degree of market maturity, a promising future.

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