In looking on the internet for a legitimate home based business of your own, you must first learn to discern between the good and the bad home job situations out there – and remember to focus on the kinds of businesses that intrique you after that. To help you do this, here’s a short list of some important things:

Use keywords wisely – Broad, general terms such as “working from home employment” will bring you bogus jobs by the hundreds – all going no where. Instead, use key words such as, “telecommuting” in place of “working”. This will take you to the sites that have honest home employment opportunities, and save you the hassle of wasted time.

Baits and empty promises scammers use – Typical quick-money job scams include marketing businesses that offer to help get you started with their program – which they claim will make you rich within a month! The catch is, after you’ve scraped together enough money to buy a costly “words of wisdom” kit – it always fails to live up to its promises.

Be on the lookout, as well, for those ads promising you ample work from your home computer, with their “elite” employment lists. They reel some in with claims of being the “hub” of a company with an extensive client base – one that keeps them jumping with such a continuous flow of work, it could keep the world employed – if only they had enough professional staff to do the work – which they don’t. And that’s where you come in to pay your fees, join their list, wait for assignments to come to you – and make lots of extra income.

This sounds fantastic – until certain things start to become apparent – like the lack of job postings that might be due to a lack of a client base, perhaps? Or finding out – after having joined the list, and paid in full – that you’re required to bid against your “list-mates” for any and all jobs on this list.

The winner of course, has just been awarded a huge job for mere pennies as compensation. Or the worst one – finding out when contacting a client to “sell yourself” that he fired the company you “work” for a long time ago, and still hasn’t forgotten what they pulled on him, that made him do it.

Usually after the fact, a person finds out that the legitimate job databases are out there, and free to join. So if you see an offer online promising you the moon for a fee – avoid them like the plague. The only people who will meet any financial goals in regards to lists like this, are the scammers who thought them up.

One last thing about scam companies – no matter what type of business or product they’re trying to unload on someone – rest assured they will always attempt to gain final confidence by throwing some false “genuine testimonies of satisfied customers, or clients who are now rich beyond compare thanks to…” then just fill in whatever the name of the impostor company is, for the service or product they’re trying to pull off. And rest assured, they will have the pictures of actors playing the clients, to prove it.

The lesson in this is simple – if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So it’s important, especially if you’re new to these ventures, to make sure to use online resources available to you, that gives you all the dirt on any company you search for by name.

Now that you know some of what to avoid, here is a short list of what to look for:

Data Entry positions – Yes, there are real data entry positions available for the home based employee, but they are scare. One way to find them is by searching the major job and career sites with terms like, “list of legitimate data entry jobs”, and bring them up this way.

A little known, but highly recommended resource, are any of the work from home niche blogs. Not only will you learn valuable tips and how-to’s regarding internet job safety and how to find the good – and avoid the bad – scam situations, but these sites are usually run by people who were victimized in the past, before learning from their mistakes, so they are always up on the latest in home business information.

Cash blogs – Are you a blogger? Keeping a blog is easy to learn if you’ve never had one, and they’re free at most sites on line – they even set them up for you as well! You can post on any topic that comes to mind, but know the more you contribute to it, the more money you can eventually make. Why? Because more posts mean more traffic to your site as people become familiar with you and your writing. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start the income pennies piling up, because everytime one of your visiting readers clicks an ad running on your blog – you get paid a percentage of income from the advertiser himself. Check the internet for both free and package advertising deals. Although, you may have to start by purchasing some ads as an investment, keep in mind that advertisers love to sponsor blogs that bring in a lot of traffic – with more free ads that will make them even more money. But as exciting as this is – make sure you get a blog from a web host that allows outside advertising on their member’s blogs, before you do it.

Freelance writing – If you love to write – or at least don’t mind doing it – there are some good freelance writing companies on the web, that will pay a decent amount for writers to supply them with SEO articles, and various other topic specific pieces. Although this kind of job won’t make you rich overnight, it’s a good source of extra income if you have the time, the supplies, and the inclination. Another attractive idea about this type of work is you can do everything – from the research and writing, to the submitting – from your own computer.

This should clear up some of the confusion that arises when looking for a legitimate home based business to run online. And although it’s important to remember that you’ll run into some impostors on the internet in your crusade for the real thing, you’ll be fine as long as you just exercise common sense.

Running a legitimate home based business is possible. We have the answers to how you can own a home based business without putting much (if any) cash into it.

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