6 7th, four-year wait for a European Cup will return to the resumption of hostilities.

Watch the game, guess top, but also to win a free

LCD TV Gome has announced that starting from this weekend, will be launched simultaneously in major stores “Perfect Vision, Passion European Cup” campaign, consumers buy Gome

TV Products, you can receive coupons quiz to take home free LCD.

47-inch LCD free of charge Responsible person, according to Gome, in preparation for this event, the national integration of millions of U.S. resources.

Changhong , Sony, Konka, Hitachi, Skyworth, Samsung, Xoceco, Toshiba, Hisense, Philips, Panasonic, etc. 16 mainstream

Flat Panel TV Manufacturers will come up with the latest product support the event. At present, Chongqing TV’s audience GOME stocking more than 1 million units, while the high-definition flat-panel TV purchase more TV overall procurement account for more than 70%.

From this week, the country will launch the United States flat-panel TVs, “Crystal elimination round starting lineup” for the consumer choose. During the event, consumers can receive TV over 2000 yuan a Euro 2008 quiz coupons, consumers can fill in the quarterfinals and semifinals predict promotion team, who guessed the top eight current and former European Cup semi-finals team consumers directly a 19-inch LCD TV; if on this basis is also able to accurately predict the winner, runner-up, third and fourth place teams, you can directly send 47 U.S.

States-inch LCD prize.

Heavy high definition flat panel into two

Beginning with the European Cup, the National World War II the United States will also be full high-definition flat broke.

Provided by the States United States the price indicated

TCL , Skyworth, Changhong, Xoceco average price of 5,000 yuan and other home-made 32-inch LCD TV prices will have fallen to 4,000 yuan, while the joint venture will be generally flat-panel TV price cuts from 1000 to 3000 dollars, the average fell more than 20%.

“Price cuts range from the point of view, 32-inch LCD TV is generally concentrated in the range of 4,000 yuan, domestic 37-inch LCD TV will fall below 6,000 yuan, while the mainstream 42-inch flat panel TV is the amount of return is as high as 1,000 to 3,000 yuan . “State Department official said the United States color television, this weekend, Hitachi 42-inch plasma will be the first down to 6,999 yuan, 6,990 yuan market price Hisense 40-inch LCD TV straight down 1,000 yuan. According to reports, a joint venture brand 47-inch full HD LCD will be priced below 10,000 yuan, becoming the biggest highlights of this event.

In addition, during the event, consumers purchased over 4999 yuan TV can receive a mini-fashion

DVD A, Plus Free digital camera over 10,999 yuan a purchase amount of more than 17,999 yuan was a bonus 19-inch LCD TV.

Group buy in advance to participate in people to enjoy holiday deals

Dragon Boat Festival to the States United States join as a partner

bargain Dragon Boat Festival Golden Week for the first time a little, whether on vacation or shopping and recreation? Gome’s proposal is different from Less. Not delayed for the convenience of the consumer holiday, but also buy special products, five nights this week (June 6), the national newspaper the United States will jointly hold “dumpling summer people buy” activities, early start Dragon Boat Festival promotion.

The Group buy will be Friday night 6:00 p.m. in the city, Gome stores to be held simultaneously. “TV,

Refrigerator , Washing machines, air-conditioning will be the protagonist of the event. “U.S. official says the country during the event, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and other refrigeration

Home Appliances Extra efforts will increase the sharing profit.

States United States official said, on June 6 that evening to participate in Group buy GOME stores to consumers can enjoy the country ahead of the United States Dragon Boat Festival, promotions, shopping, gifts may be granted a 26-inch LCD TV, but also can take part in lucky draw .

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