Every weekend, bring family and friends to the countryside with vineyards, grapes personally Abstract Ji Chuan, and then see for themselves Wine How brewing out there interested can also buy bottles of home taste. Hejing County is launching this will grow and fruit characteristics of rural tourism combination of new business models, for a lot of people would be a good choice.

Hejing County is located in the mountains against the temperate, frost-free period up to more than 180 days, effective temperature high, the development of fruit characteristics, in particular wine Wine Has good conditions for grapes. Years ago, a wine production company in North and static building had been Raw material Base, although the quality of grapes grown quite well, but because of long transport distances, combined with the purchasing and selling out some problems a few years, most of grape farmers have dug up.

2008 years, and static County made efforts to develop grape-based fruit industry. According to the plan, the county area of 2020 fruit growing in the basis of the existing 4.45 acres to expand to 20 million mu, of which grapes accounted for 10 acres to build the most important wine grape southern base.

Since last spring, and static parts of the speculative, intended to build investors flooded vineyards. Only the county director of Tang Hao fruit do have hundreds of silver reception set aside, and the appetite of these investors are not small, ranging from requirements development to 3,000 acres 2,000 acres of vineyards, as many as 3 million mu openings must.

Face a flood of investors, and static county party committee and government leadership to consider more long term: so many grape Once flourishing time, how to extend the industrial chain, to achieve in situ conversion value? With Swan Lake Bayanbulak grasslands and the two brands could be fostering the growth of tourism and development of special combination of fruit growing?

Vineyard development in order to obtain the chain effect, and static development of the county set up a “threshold”: all the static and the development area of over 5,000 acres of vineyards, 3 to 5 years to build the wine processing plant. The county also provides investors build more than 1,000 acres of vineyards to achieve the scale, 30% of the land may be accompanied by construction of tourist reception facilities.

It is understood that, in 2009 and static County is expected to be a new wine grape planting 8,000 acres. Now there are three investors and static wells, pulling power, ready to build their own vineyards.

“‘Fort + small wine estate’ business model is very popular in foreign countries.” Tang Hao, director of the Bank and static County confident of this emerging industry.

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