Aged leads are insurance leads that were not generated during the actual time a prospect made an inquiry. These leads are persons who have asked for quotes several days before. While they are not as quick as new leads, which are conveyed as soon as people submit a filled-out form, they are, nevertheless, cheaper, mostly if you buy in bulk. It would not give as much favorable outcome compared to fresh leads, although they can be lucrative if you adopt them along with your other advertising tools, like auto responders.

Vintage leads are generated using the same method as regular online leads that have the same curiosity for insurance. The only difference is that they were not sold the moment they were generated.

So, why buy vintage leads if it is obvious that fresh leads produce more sales? Who in their right mind would opt for something old when they come have something new? Well actually, an increasing number of agencies are discovering that the most lucrative way to train their rookies is by letting them use vintage leads. With their very low price, trainees will have a blast in pursuing an extremely large number of leads to accelerate the improvement of their abilities to make sales. Aged leads will let them be on the core of the action with a very small amount of risk compared to the high-priced fresh leads.

When you train new brokers, one of the biggest investments is trying to advance their progress. That is why agencies with rookies on board are getting vintage leads. New agents can sink their teeth in an enormous batch of leads, and you do not have to bear massive costs.

With a more affordable charge, even experienced agents resort to vintage leads to closely associate with their new leads.

A greater extent of agents are becoming aware of the fact that they can still draw in sales through aged leads, helping them avoid over spending. As it turns out, some salespeople are getting more favorable outcomes than they have anticipated with the assistance of their lead management plan. They are able to continuously package and sell insurance without too much worry.

With the application of auto responders, you can transmit personalized emails right away, where you can add an updated quote for them. If your lead checks out anew for an online quote, you would receive an email alert. This time, the situation has been reversed and you have fresh new leads, ready to be checked out. It is a smart insurance marketing approach where you do not have to wait with expectation just to be in the lead of your prospects.


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