If you are required to present a copy of tax return for whatever reasons, it has now become easier to get tax return copies because of tax software and services. For those who prefer doing taxes manually often keep copies of their return and therefore, the requirement does not arise for them. If you file your return electronically, getting a computer copy will not be a problem for you.

Before you proceed further, you need to clearly understand your requirements: do you need an accrual copy of your return or you are just required a computer generated transcript of your return? Depending upon the type of your work and requirement, you will have to decide. However, it would be better to know more about getting an exact copy and a transcript of income tax return. If you are slightly confused between the two, you may go through the official IRS website at irs.gov for your convenience.

Please note that keeping a copy while filing your income tax return can help you avoid all the stress. However, in case you need to have a Copy of Tax Return, it is not something which you cannot do so easily. But you certainly have to consider certain things into your mind if you really want to do it in hassle-free way. Do not forget to apply early for getting a copy or transcript since it may take 10 to 60 days according to your request. However, you can find out the ways and methods which can help you accelerate your work.

Suppose you are required to get an exact past Copy of Income Tax Return with all attachments, you have to complete Form 4506. While dealing with this form, do not forget to properly mail it to the addressed provided in the instruction. You will be happy to know that the IRS keeps record of your returns for the current year as well as the past six years. It means that, you can have access to your six years old income tax return when you require for certain purpose. For certain fee, you can request it and make your payment by check or money order payable to the United States Treasury.

In some cases, you can do with just print out copy of your return which is known as transcript. Many financial institutions are lending students loans and mortgages on the basis of tax return transcript. When you need it you can get it online at your convenience. If you want all these facilities in hassle-free way, just visit copiesoftaxreturns.com site.

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