5 22, the world’s first car


Officially come out in Beijing. Phone exclusively for this car to open the “Yiziqianjin, yuan sign name” China stop activities had begun. The Zhengminghuodong will last 20 days, the event will end on June 22, selected out of the first prize winner will receive 10,000 yuan in cash prizes.

In the Mercedes-Benz car in cell phones, not only inconvenient but also very dangerous?? Even wear headphones?? Well known, often because of traffic accidents caused by distracted drivers, while driving with one hand the process of In any case it does not look too safe. Not long ago, American scientists conducted a holding cell phone when the car scattered the attention of motorists simulation. The results show that cell phone drivers who caused the attention of drivers decreased by 20%, if the contents of an important call, or even the attention of motorists down 30%. Study reported that the crash has occurred, is a lack of concentration caused by 80%. In the nearly traffic accident case, 65% are due to driver inattention caused. Common sense tells us the phone or dialing while driving is unsafe, and more data show that the call while driving will increase the probability of the accident. The new study also confirms this point: cell phones during driving of the drivers do not call the drivers of injury was 4 times the probability of an accident.

This calls for road safety concerns when many parts of the world to prohibit drivers from using mobile phones while driving.

Which car phone using the world’s first car and cell phone, wireless headset three synchronization


Technology development is made specifically for the car driver in the driving course designed to call. It can be achieved with the owners to exchange my phone, and uses the world’s leading speech recognition technology. I phone owners regardless of whether the voice function, without prior study, can be voice-activated dialing, direct that number and might be available. But its echo control and background noise suppression techniques have also greatly improved audio quality. Since then, the “driving in a cell phone,” not only not dangerous, but a pleasant will be the next “high-grade sign of life” has become a symbol of identity and status.

According to director of marketing for Mercedes-Benz introduced the East, in order to allow the product to the general mind of the consumer in their own brand image, but also to allow users to learn more about the unique design of car phones and independent innovation, decision makers will determine the Name of ordinary consumers the right to vacate, because only from the middle to the views of consumers, is the most important to the product name basis.

The Zhengminghuodong will all be conducted online, users will own the network from the name of the product submitted by online voting and expert review ways of combining the two appraisals, which were adopted from the names of players on the final receive 10,000 yuan in cash prizes.

At the same time, users can also participate in the price of guessing which car phone activities, as long as the forecast prices and actual market prices of the product line or closest to who can get the style of a car phone. In addition, prices of all those involved in activities and quiz event named users can also participate in a lucky draw, which products have the opportunity to get a free trial of the new experience.

Drive in free maintained contact with the outside world?? Only imagine what people feel excited. With the Mercedes Benz East this new product to market, it will gradually become the dream of car owners “as equipment.”

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