Education, literacy, civilized behavior, employability, and intellect strangely seem unrelated in the present education system. In my opinion there is need to conduct research to identify the relationship between education and intellect. There is need to answer few leading questions in the context of present education system.

Is our educational system churning out graduates, post graduates or skilled manpower or what we call human resource asset?
Are the graduates, post graduates, professionals churned out by our educational system directly employable in industry, without any further training?
Are we creating human resource asset or human resource liability?
How far our educational system is successful in generating great entrepreneurs, scientists, management consultants and other professionals who can venture out on their own?
How far our educational system is successful in imbibing right kind of values, ethics, courage, attitude and behavior in our learners?
Is there any relationship between curriculum design and industry’s human resource skill requirements? What is the level of interaction between industry and educational institutions? What kind of Faculty Development Programme is organized for faculties? Do they serve the purpose of enrichment and updating knowledge of faculties and thereby students? How actively are faculties and learners engaged in research and consultancy?
Are we creating intellectually bankrupt society, which possess degrees but not applied knowledge and wisdom?

We need to create education system where there is proper interaction between industry and educational institutions.

Such system should result in win-win situation for all the stakeholders like learners, industry, society and government. We need to have educational system which generates skilled professionals and not just degree holders.

Prof. Sunil V. Chaudhary

SEMCOM College, Vallabh Vidyanagar

District: ANAND