The first step of creating a business is setting up a presence on whatever topic you enjoy writing about. There are many resources out there which will let you have a free blog or website. Some of the most common resources include,,, and All of these are free and will give you a domain name, storage, and bandwidth. I personally recommend setting up a blog because it makes updating your presence with fresh unique related content extremely easy. Google and the other major search engines favor the websites that have content updated regularly so if you would like to begin an online business with the intent of being able to earn money online having a presence that you can update is important.

Setting up a presence is actually quite a bit easier than you think. All you need is an idea such as teaching online business or instructing webmasters how to build Free Website Traffic. You can also create a presence which is used to sale products either from or There are countless online business ideas if you know where to look. When I am trying to think of new ways which I can build a successful add on to my business there are several places which I use for new ideas. One of the best include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These search engines are where you can search and find other peoples presences and see what they are doing to make money. Search for top keywords in your niche and when the top ten websites pop up go to them to see what they are doing.

When you are looking at your competition there are several different things you should be looking at. One of the most important is how they are presenting their information and how they are making money on their websites. Usually the top websites will have information which is updated regularly. The most common presentation is a wordpress platform, but of course there is a wide array of different presentations. Usually these top websites will not be a simple presence, but a network. One great example of this is what Darren created over at Once the blog succeed he create a forum to compliment making a simple blog into a online business network. The same can be said with Jeremy over at who created a marketplace to compliment his blog.

Watching others is one of the best way to find what is working in the online business world. These top players do not settle for simplicity they create networks rather than a presence. It is possible to earn decent money by creating one presence and you shouldnt even consider creating network until you understand how to succeed with a simple presence. Start small and let your presence grow incorporating different presences as you learn about online business and web development. If you try creating an online business network before you have an understanding of basic online business you will find yourself quickly overwhelmed and giving up before you have the chance to grow a successful online business.

My name is Kris Beus webmaster of Make Money Online Free and blogger of Online Business Ideas.