Every successful online business no matter what platform it runs on has one common aspect and that is its ability to gain the visitors trust. Once someone truly believes in what you say the possibilities are endless. If you want to gain free one way backlinks and you have a website that is credible then asking for them will usually get a much better return than asking for backlinks on a shady website or blog. Also if you back another website through an affiliate program then your efforts to earn money online will have a much greater success rate than other websites that do not hold the same credibility. Of course first you must gain a grasp of online marketing, but the marketing is ten times easier when you are running a website that has the visitors trust. Now it is very easy to say, but what makes a trust worthy website and how can you really get the backing of the visitors and other webmasters/bloggers within your niche to say this is a website worth visiting. Well there are a few things you should do and a couple of things you should avoid doing to have a credible website.

First I would like to go over some of the things to do when trying to build your credibility. “Content is King” and every internet marketer knows without excellent unique fresh content a website or blog will fail. There are a couple of ways to get content for your website or blog the best of course being writing it yourself. Running a successful internet blog I have had countless requests from webmasters asking how do you write so many articles and keep them unique and fresh. The biggest thing that has helped me is college English 1000 and I recommend it to anyone that wants to even have a chance running an online business.

The second thing that really helps when trying to write articles is practice and research both you should be doing for each and every article. Now for those who wish to take an easier approach visit V7N Webmaster Forum which you can find by doing a Google search and in their marketplace you will find tons of writers trying to find work. Usually these writers are fairly cheap on average charging $ 5.00 per article so if you really don’t want to write your own articles place a job offer within the marketplace of v7n.

The second way to gain the trust of your visitors or readers is being completely honest which is incredibly difficult sometimes and will on occasion cost you opportunities which would yield very good money. I have been approached many times by webmasters that run scams and they offered me a nice chunk of change to promote their scam on my blogs. The reason I turned this down is when you screw over someone that person is gone for good and will more than likely spread their dismay leading to a chain reaction and the crash of your blog so don’t screw your visitors over. It is also important to research whatever you are saying double checking the accuracy of the statements you make and make sure if after you make a statement and find out it is false retract it on your blog meaning letting your visitors know that what you said was wrong and you are sorry.

A few things to stay away from are placing your website on what Google calls the “bad places” online. These are link farms (websites with the only purpose of inflating links), over populated link pages, ffa websites, websites way off your niche, and any website that even looks like a scam. If you are not sure then type review + the websites URL to find any complaints that people have had. Anyway stick with these tips and you will save yourself a lot of trouble and remember nothing online happens overnight so build your web presence slowly taking time when building backlinks making sure that they land on the most relevant, highest PR, and highest ranked websites possible.

I am the webmaster of make money online and have a blog teaching people website marketing. Feel free to reuse this article just keep these two links in the authors sig active.