Dec 7, 2010 Boca Raton, FL–Penny Stocks Closing on Strong Gains SEHMI, NRTLQ, INBG, BLAP, BLSP as Stocks ended flat on Tuesday as investors’ enthusiasm over a tax cut extension deal was short-circuited by rising bond yields and reports regulators were stepping up an insider-trading probe.

Market Internals

OTC BB Total Volume 1.6 Billion, Advancing Issues 489 Declining Issues 620

Pick Sheet Sheets Total volume 5.5 Billion Shares,  Advancing issues 1595 Declining issues 1746

The most active bullish penny stocks at the close of trading includes: OTC EHMI, NRTLQ, INBG, BLAP, BLSP

1- Echo Metrix, Inc. (EHMI.OB) closing price .09 up 52% on breakout volume of 2.1 million shares. Echometrix, Inc., a software company, develops technology that understands and interprets all the content on the digital Web. Its products monitor, block, and alert parents the moment a child encounters inappropriate material from any Internet related source.


2-Nortel Networks Corp. (NRTLQ.PK) close .0195 up 34% on 3.4 million shares traded.

On December 1, 2010, Nortel Networks Corporation (NNC) announced that Guangdong Nortel Telecommunication Equipment (“GDNT”), a Chinese joint venture between Nortel Networks Limited, Nortel China Limited and certain third parties, has entered into an asset sale agreement with Ericsson (China) Communications Company Ltd.

(“Ericsson”) for the sale of substantially all of the assets of GDNT for a purchase price of approximately U.S.$ 50 million in cash, subject to certain purchase price adjustments. Nortel subsidiaries Nortel Networks Limited and Nortel China Limited together own 62 percent of GDNT.

Nortel Networks Corporation and its subsidiaries supply end-to-end networking products and solutions serving both service providers and enterprise customers. Its technologies span access and core networks and support multimedia and business-critical applications.

3-International Building Technologies Group, Inc. (INBG.OB) close .0005 up 66% on 421.3 million shares traded at the close.

INBG announced today that, pursuant to the signed Letter of Intent between INBG and FHH Sino New Energies Co., Ltd., the audit and due diligence study undertaken by a PCAOB listed auditing firm in Hong Kong and a law firm in Beijing, China have been completed and signed off by these two firms.

4- Blast Applications, Inc. (BLAP.PK) close .008 up 29% on 14.4 million shares traded for the day.

BLAP announced in a press release today it has been accepted as an application developer for Nokia’s Ovi store, launching today its first Nokia app.

Blast Applications, Inc. is a premier creator and developer of mobile applications for Twitter® and Facebook®, allowing users to have more fun, be productive and make social media sites easier to use and more intuitive than before.

5-Blue Sphere Corp. (BLSP.OB) last price .053 up a whopping 211%  on breakout volume of 6.9 million shares at the close.

BLSP announce a press release today that Aon Israel Insurance Brokerage Ltd. has agreed in principle to arrange debt financing for our N20 abatement projects at the Navoiyazot Nitric Acid Plant No. 5 in Navoi, Uzbekistan and the Kaz Azot Plant in Aktau, Kzakhstan.

Blue Sphere Corp. focuses on the acquisition of carbon credit projects. It plans to sell carbon credits, as well as material and byproducts for energy generation.


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