If you want to tweet better than you need to learn to be proactive. Find some articles that are neat, interesting, and helpful online. When you find an article like this and post it to twitter someone might re-tweet the article and it will be seen by many users because of this viral action in twitter.

Some users use automatic posting, which allows them to post twitter many times during the day even when they are not signed on. This twitter robot will post messages as directed by you. This can be from an RSS feed, messages that you made in advance, or other forms of information such as directly from your blog. Make sure you do not overdo it when using automatic updates. More is not always better. Think about it, if you are watching TV and the same commercial ran every two minutes you would become very annoyed very quickly, or you would just tune the commercial out of your mind.

You can use the tool called twit pic to upload pictures to your profile. It’s a good idea to try to upload as many pictures as you can, but make sure you choose the pictures well. Your pictures will tell a lot about you and tipoff potential followers to whether you are serious about using twitter. Through your pictures and your profile your users can get to know you, and your interests. It’s up to you to use twitter to the fullest and finest way possible. There are endless possibilities and your imagination is the only thing that limits you.

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