Affiliate programs otherwise known as partner programs are designed to be a simple way for websites to generate revenue. The method is to direct traffic towards other websites therefore creating a constant motion of web traffic.

Affiliate programs have become the dominant method for online marketing in the internet industry. You will find four different methods for affiliate programs to compensate the referring sites or affiliates for generating the web traffic to the operating websites.

? Pay-Per-Impression
? Pay-Per-Click
? Pay-Per-Lead
? Pay-Per-Sale

It has never been easier to operate affiliate programs and to drive targeted traffic to your website. Affiliate networks are used in most cases and will provide an infrastructure that allows you to easily track all the websites traffic as well as the referrals leading to your website.

Affiliate networks will also be used in a recruiting platform manner to locate websites that are willing to promote products or services you offer. In just a few days you can integrate the use of the affiliate networks services and in some cases only a few hours.

With the use of affiliate networks in your affiliate program you can keep your overhead low. The commissions can be much less when using a network affiliate.

If your competitors are using affiliate programs and you are not then there is a good chance that you are missing out on a huge amount of web traffic, this means that business and revenues are lower than they should be.

If you would like to use an affiliate program for an online merchant that will handle customer acquisition you can consider CPA model and will only be required to pay a flat rate commission if you are a new member and have been referred by an affiliate member.

Do not miss out on the mass revenues your competitions are enjoying, find out about affiliate programs for your website today.

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