Online money making, a very hot topic on the internet. I’m sure everyone wants to know how this is done. Making money online can be done without too much hassle if you know how. Knowing how to make money can be very frustrating, and time consuming. This is why majority of new online affiliate markers give up after trying just about everything, and spending a fortune on these get quick pretty sites that are now all over the internet.

You can make money online for free, if you know what to do. Have you heard of a blog? Did you know you can set up a blog for free? This is easy and a fun way to begin making money online. Just head over to and join up. Once you join, you can start posting articles or whatever you like into your blog. If you are an affiliate, you can add your affiliate links to your blog, when a visitor reads your content, they can click on your affiliate link. When they decide to purchase the product, you make a commission. All this can be set up free.

Let’s say you decide to go ahead and build a blog, and you start adding content to it, you now need a steady flow of visitors. It’s easy enough to set a blog up, but no people, means no money for you. I believe article marketing is a great way to get visitors to your site, and this is free to do also. There are many articles directories online for you to submit your articles to, like, or These are two I use a lot.

The point of this is, people looking for content on their sites will use your articles with your links imbedded in them, and I guess this make your advertising viral.

A lot of times your article will show up in the search results, if your title is not too competitive. The trick here is to write a title that is not flooded, meaning not 300,000,000 other sites under the same term. There are thousands of keywords that bring in lots of traffic that are not too competitive, that what you’re targeting. I have had an article submitted in a directory, and had it in the search results within the hour! It’s possible as long as your keyword title is not short and broad. A very important thing to remember!

If you follow this simple technique that I use, you should be able to get listed with your submitted article fast. As I said, this is all done free. So, now you have a starting point, no excuses why you can’t do this. Get out there and put these methods to the test, and with a bit of work and time, you should start making money online.



Hi guys! My name is Robert, I enjoy learning and writing about online money making.