In a world driven by modern and technological progress, website templates serve a very important purpose. Contemporary society thrives on the use of cyberspace, as proven by the dominance of Facebook and Twitter. For anyone to make a mark, or at least make his or her presence known on the Internet, it is absolutely necessary to create a website. A way one can make a website is through the use of website templates.

Website templates are the tools of web design utilized to isolate the content from presentation. It is also used mass produce web documents. Website templates are an essential component of a web template system. This is because it is these templates that are needed to set up whatever website must be created. These templates are akin to form letters—they are general instead of being specifically created for a particular client in mind.

Web developers use website templates to achieve their goal of effective separation. Developers want to separate the business aspect from the presentation aspect in web design so they can create web applications that can be easily maintained and very flexible. The constant changes in client needs and customer preferences are responsible for the use of website templates by web developers.

Website templates have several uses. It is mainly used for display: it can be utilized to feature content in a blog, company information on a company or organization website, and images and other pictures in a gallery. These templates are also used for placement: they are utilized to place music files (like those in mp3 format) on the Internet to play through a web browser, even videos to be viewed by the public.

Website templates are also useful for the online sale of merchandise as well as the setting up of a private log-in area.

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