People invest in real-estate because it is lucrative and likely to promote high returns. But profitability is always even-handed with responsibility. In order to be a successful in this field, there are several things that you have to keep in mind.

First is to ensure you only get quality tenants. By quality, I mean people who are reliable, without debt hanging from his former landlord and preferably, no criminal background. It is with this thrust that reference check becomes important. While this might hassle you at first and cost you some cash, it’ll give you peace of mind and significant benefit in the long run. You have to make sure the quality of your tenants before you approve his or her application.

Don’t forget to put everything in black and white. The contract, terms and conditions, guidelines, whatsoever has to be put into writing and signed accordingly. It’s also safe to have them checked by a lawyer to make sure the agreement is not violating anything from the Fair House Administration Act. This will ensure the rights of the tenants, as well as your own.

A place where everything is neat, organize and functioning is attractive to lessees. The plants, trees, landscape, facilities etc. should be well-maintained. An unrepaired facility might cause more trouble if left unrepaired, and this will pose threat to the neighboring unit as well. It’s better to attend to them as soon as the damage is noticed. Moreover, a presentable place will also mean higher insurance rates, and this is yet another appealing factor to potential quality lessees.

While you own the property that you’re renting out, put in mind that you have to respect the privacy of your tenants. You can’t just walk into their units or intrude into their activities without properly following procedures and without viable reasons to do so.

The author works in a successful property management company in Tampa, FL.

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