If you often need to locate reputable companies or suppliers and aren’t sure where to look, maybe it’s time you tried a local business directory. Here are 10 kinds of companies that can be found using this online service.

1. Driving Schools – If you’ve decided it’s time to get your licence, you’ll need to be taught the rules of the road and the skills needed to pass your test. You’ll need to begin with a list of local driving schools and instructors in your area.

2. Bars – If you’re planning a big night on the town or you’re just looking for an ideal meeting place, using a directory to get a list or bars and reading user reviews may prove extremely helpful.

3. Plumbers – If your sink, shower, toilet or boiler are causing you problems, it’s best leaving it to the professionals. Read reviews of plumbers in your area online and call in one that’s got a good reputation.

4. Takeaways – When you’re late in from work and don’t fancy cooking, it’s time to order in. If you’re not sure which places are open or who delivers in your neighbourhood, use a directory to help you.

5. Builders – From refurbishments and extensions to decking and landscaping, when you have a big job on your hands and feel your DIY skills fall short, call in the builders and let them tackle it professionally.

6. Window Fitters – If you’ve got your home or office just how you want it, but feel the windows are letting the property down, find some locally-based window fitters online and read reviews to find which ones are the most reliable.


Garden Centre – For when you need to buy flowers, plants, flower pots, soil and a lot more besides, you’ll need a good garden centre. And why not use a directory to find out which garden centres in your area will be selling Christmas trees this year.

8. Massages – If the stresses of work or life in general are getting you worked up, why not unwind with a massage at a top spa? A local business listing will help you find out where you can go nearby your home or work.

9. Caravan Parks – Are you planning a UK break this year? If so, you may want to take the caravan to a caravan park near a seaside resort or somewhere near a big attraction. A directory can help you no matter where in the country you intend to go.

10. Furniture shops – If your three-piece is in need of being replaced or you’d like a new chest of drawers for the bedroom, why not locate businesses in your area and see which ones are convenient to get to?

If you live in the West Midlands, you may want to find plumbers, bars or builders in Birmingham. Why not use a Birmingham directory to draw up a list and then select the company you want to use.

LocalMole.co.uk is a local business directory which provides information and user-reviews on a broad range of businesses, including the ones mentioned above. For instance, you could find hairdressers in Birmingham and Birmingham electricians by visiting the website today.