You’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own online home based business. You’ve created your website and you’ve decided to sell Internet marketing information products. You’ve decided on Internet marketing merchandise because this is an area you’re interested in and know something about and you’ve done your research and found out how popular these products are online.

The only drawback, as you see it, is your inability to create your own information product; so where will you find the merchandise you need to promote from your home business website?

There are several avenues open to you beginning with the ever popular affiliate programs and affiliate marketing. Using this approach you promote other people’s products as if they’re your own and, in most cases, receive a commission for each sale which is called a pay per sale plan. Two other programs available are pay per lead and pay per click.

With the pay per lead technique the affiliate is paid for every lead or potential customer sent to the merchant’s website. The person usually would have to complete some task for the affiliate to qualify for their reward such as filling out a form requesting more information from the business.

Pay per click programs reimburse the affiliate each time someone clicks on one of their ads on their affiliate website. Of the three programs the pay per sale or commission based plan is the most popular with Internet marketers or home business owners on the web mainly because of the higher rates of return when compared to the other two methods.

Another way to get products to promote from your website is through, the increasingly popular, drop shipping programs. Drop shipping involves establishing relationships with distributors, wholesalers and or suppliers of the merchandise and arranging to promote it from your website for a percentage of each sale.

A few advantages for you as the go between are you aren’t responsible for inventory, shipping and handling or customer service, which is all handled by the drop shipper. You simply drive traffic to your home business website and forward your orders to the wholesaler who delivers the merchandise to your customer.

If drop shipping doesn’t appeal to you then you may want to take advantage of the numerous private label rights products Internet marketers are making available online. You simply purchase the rights to the merchandise and then you’re free to claim it as your own. You can change the contents and claim authorship of the product as well and price it and advertise it however you wish on the web. After purchasing the rights to the goods you can then claim 100% of the profits from sale of the merchandise.

Another tactic you can use to find your own goods is by purchasing the reprint or duplication rights of the products. Some product owners make the license to reprint or reproduce their merchandise available for a price and after purchasing you can recreate their goods according to the guidelines worked out in the agreement between you and the owner and keep 100% of the profits.

So as you can see there’s no excuse for not being able to find a product to promote from your home business website because there are several very attractive alternatives available at very little or no cost to your enterprise.

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