If you are selling on eBay or have your own online shop, you know that one of the most important keys to success is the quality of your products. In clothing, this means that you either have a brand name or label that has a reputation for quality and style.

One problem that you may have is trying to find a wholesale or drop shipping company that is legitimate. There is a high incidence of scams, especially if you are not familiar with certain brands or working with internet suppliers. So many suppliers offer incredible deals, only to have them turn out to be off-brands or knock-offs.

Consider the following tips when you are looking for clothing at wholesale prices:

1. Look for a large selection so that you can choose a style or look that has the best opportunity to sell.

2. Suppliers that have full contact information that can be verified as legitimate.

3. Up-to-date internet sites

4. A return or refund policy to protect yourself from either incorrect orders or damaged clothing. Most wholesalers will not allow you to return items simply because you over ordered, but will consider damaged goods or correcting an incorrect order.

You will also want to consider how to manage your inventory and cash flow for your online business. In other words, you need to choose between buying wholesale and working with a drop shipper. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

Working with a wholesale clothier requires you to buy the stock and pay up front. Whiles there is the risk that you may be stuck with inventory if it does not sell, you do get the advantage of very low pricing and knowing exactly what you have to offer your customers.

You know the quality of your product because you have it to look at and feel.

The biggest downfall of getting your clothes wholesale is that when you sell them, you are responsible for the time and effort of packing the order and shipping it, as well as the cash investment you make even before you can advertise the merchandise.

The biggest benefit of drop shipping is that you do not need to pay anything up front. You simply work with the supplier to know what clothing to offer on your site. Once the customer places the order, you email the drop shipper, who then packages the order and ships it directly to the customer. The price per unit for drop shipping may be a little higher than wholesale, but overall there is less risk of losing an investment if items do not sell and less work for you. The biggest problem is that you do not really get a good feel for the product since you never see the actual merchandise. If the drop shipper has poor quality, the customer will figure that it came from you and hold your business responsible.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but the overall quality of the product and choosing the right clothing to offer your customers is ultimately the biggest decision.

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