As an online seller, it is a must that you locate a legitimate factory-authorized wholesale supplier. Your e-business will only be truly profitable if you are sourcing directly from the wholesale suppliers who drop ship. Tracking down these genuine wholesalers will not be that easy. Make sure that you’re not transacting with middlemen or fake wholesalers.

You can use the following tips on how to locate genuine wholesale supplier:

? Contact the manufacturer. The most reliable source you can get in touch with to locate factory-authorized wholesalers is the manufacturers. To get a manufacturer’s information you can check the warranty papers from the owner of the merchandise or at the serial of the product that you want to offer on your website. After finding them, you can all them and ask to be transferred to their sales division. You need to advise the sales representative of the purpose of your call. Tell him/ her that you are an online retailer who is interested in offering their product and ask for the list of their authorized wholesale suppliers. You should not have any problems getting this information. Manufacturers will never refuse to provide you such information since you are a possible customer.

? Participate to wholesale trade shows. Wholesale trade shows are the venue where thousand of wholesalers and suppliers will gather under the same roof. This is your chance to meet reputable and real manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. You will have the chance to talk to them and discuss you interest and at the same time get necessary details about their company. However, when dealing with trade shows, you have to make sure that you are actually attending wholesale trade shows.

Meaning, it should be a B to B (business to business) event, open only to those who belongs under the same industry. Be care that you might be attending a public trade expo, which are often participated by retailers who can’t offer a competitive wholesale pricing to their products. The same goes with trade marts that admit the general public to join the occasion. If you were able to enter in an event without providing your sales tax ID and legal business name, you are not attending a wholesale mart. Before they allow you to register in wholesale mart, you have to be a legal retail businessman backed-up by proofs.

After following either or both of these tips, you will be assured and confident that you are transacting with the real wholesale suppliers.

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