Times have changed, but women even today are still encountering long-standing prejudices and taboos as they work their way up the corporate ladder or start their own business. There are a handful of women in business who have reached the top and have proved that nothing is impossible. The journey for them certainly was no bed of roses but they have made their way through it and reached where they are today by going against the tide in a male-dominant and biased society. Indeed they faced a thick glass ceiling in the corporate world.

Women have excelled and proven themselves in almost all the fields you can think of; such as politics, biotech, information technology, financial, FMCG, etc. What’s really made women successful in this male-dominant society, where women have been routinely discouraged by society from pursuing a career, is their sheer determination to break through. Although women have come a long way, there’s still a long way to go. Past research and surveys have demonstrated that women prove to be better managers and entrepreneurs than men. Time is changing and is changing very quickly.

In recent years many self-help groups and committees have sprung up to help, support and guide women in the pursuit of their professional goals. Additionally, because women are natural multi-taskers, they still are the chief contributors in the running of a family. Teaming this with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability gives women the upper hand when compared to men. It’s very rare to find a male with such innate multi-tasking skills that appears to simple be inbuilt in each and every woman.

The most successful women have learnt to exploit this skill to beat men in every possible field.

There are programs available to polish the business and entrepreneurial skills of women who aspire to become a successful in their business or career. It’s really inspiring to see the world changing like this and even more rewarding is being a part of that change. Success is just a step away, but we need to have guts to continue to move a step ahead, fully focused on success. The day is not too far when women will top the list of “world’s most powerful personalities” in the corporate world.



Susan Bagyura, creator of The Powder Puff Guide to Starting a Business, guides women entrepreneurs through the worries, fears and don’t-know-how-to’s of starting a business to successfully owning their first business. network for women

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