Women have discovered how much a well-cut custom business suit can help them in business and even in their personal lives. “Clothing makes a man”, so can be applied in d case of a woman. This is because well made clothing made of finest fabrics and cut to fit a woman’s individual figure speaks volumes about the high rewards in which she holds herself.  Whether you work in a conservative law firm, a trendy media business, or you need a women’s interview suit that would be appropriate for both. The days where only the rich and famous made use of bespoke suits are over. Anyone who finds that the shirts or suits just do not fit as they should can ask tailors customize the cut, stitching and appearance of an outfit. Bespoke tailoring requires individually cut patterns which mean no one else would have a similar outfit. As mentioned before, when one finds a good tailor, this person will be able to make anyone look like a millionaire.

Custom Business Suit refers to the suit that is made from a pattern that is created for your body measurements and is not based on a pre-existing pattern. A made-to-measure garment on the other hand refers to a garment that is made with your body measurements but the pattern has already been created based on a fit model ( not you). That pre-existing pattern is altered to accommodate your measurements. Some companies misguide and confuse consumers by advertising their made-to-measure service as custom made. When they in fact do not develop a pattern from scratch for your body shape but they simply alter an existing pattern to your measurements and call that custom made.

The suit styles include single breasted business suits, blazers, three button designer suits for men, skirt and pants suits for women and work wear dress shirts. In terms of fabric, the suits are pure cotton, linen, cashmere, wool and silk for the shirts

If you’re going to spend the money on your first custom suit, you’ll want to choose colors and fabrics that are the most versatile. It is suggested to start with a medium charcoal gray. It
does the most: It’s a business suit, great for interviews, but is also very elegant for the evening. Look for bold yet soft chalk stripes which is a very conservative stripe yet remains very distinct. Avoid heavy bold rope stripes which remind just about every body of Al Capone.

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