Being able to work, provide yourself, your family from the comfort of home is an ideal. It can be done, but usually it takes about six months to start earning a good incomes using Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click Advertising.

Working “online” offers many different opportunities. You have probably heard of Google AdWords and eBay auctions. These are good methods, but do require a certain amount of expertise and investment. This is an area you may want to venture if you have a little bit of cash that you can afford to experiment with.

Many of you have probably been hit with lots of email “offers.” As you should be aware, there are lots of scams, tricksters and so called bargains. Most are not illegal, it is just marketing designed to draw you in and entice you with outrageous promises. However, I must say that honesty and integrity are sometimes hard to come by. What is real or what is pie-in-the-sky. Can a person make an honest living on the internet from home? One ad may read FREE, just pay the shipping and handling.

Just keep in mind they meant a “10 day free trial.” However, now they have your credit card number and there could be a charge of $ 1299.99 on your statement that you may not see for 60 days. By that time you may have forgotten all about the item that you paid $ 3.95 for shipping and handling charges. Hopefully, you received the item and returned it within 30 days.

Can one make a living from the internet without any experience or investment? Yes, if one is careful and knows where to look. There are some good survey companies on line. You could earn $ 5.00 or more per survey taken and take as many as you want per day.

Two are to be found at: Canadian Surveys and for US, through Survey Club.

Another Survey Company is Make Money Taking Surveys .org. However, do not let the “org” fool you. This company will charge you $ 68.00 to set up. Once set up, they advertise making $ 10 to $ 40 per survey. The average survey will take you about 20 minutes. Three surveys per hour is $ 30.00. If you work a four hour day that could be $ 120.00

BE VERY CAREFUL, DO NOT click on any surveys that offer you a free laptop or “free” anything. You will probably regret it. These are marketing websites-gimmicks designed to make you sign up for (buy) at least two “offers” before you even qualify to enter a raffle for the “Free Laptop” So you see, that “Free Laptop” could will cost you, and plenty if you repeatedly sign on.

If you have a bachelor or master degree in anything, you could apply to The Educational Testing Service. These are the people who give you all those fabulous tests, like the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and many more. They need people to work from home, periodically, but year round, scoring tests.

Go to: Click on CAREERS, fill out an application and follow the instructions.

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