Nowadays, there are many Cosmetic Very keen to engage in business promotion orders will be, that the orders will return to faster models, will not you see all over the ordering of your Changba me play in the whole country, north and south river turns from time to time played. Marketing program to do some deep thinking, open vigorous session. The numerous, and with a lot of topics, such as learning seminars, celebrity endorsements would, Cocktail Party, a new brand listing press conferences, Tourism Training Council, etc., and some will mix together all kinds of tricks. Although the multi-pattern, but often only one purpose, that is, orders, said another white point, or back section.

Orders will be more open, more promotional activities to do, but the results so far? Done, and are doing all experiences: it is increasingly difficult to satisfactory, with the market development, promotional activities, is facing a lot of embarrassment and helplessness, not to die is the promotion, promotion is the court death, this is a pessimistic Aria given for marketing, is it? Ya Timmia recent promotional makeup brands do have more on the characteristics, beyond the general cosmetic manufacturers for promotional gifts is to buy a single promotional model, promotional activities to do throughout the sound (l) the amount (volume), both raised brand awareness, there was an objective of return models, makes eyes bright, enlightened.

Organized promotional know, to ensure the successful promotion, customers must make broad participation Recently, the number must be protected, otherwise the quality of the customer and then find it very difficult to squeeze much water. Or is likely to turn into a factory entertain a one-man show, and even abortion. Because now things have changed, and now the dealers had not guarded than ever, couples or small wholesale department store small business owners, at least in the sense that they are in a much changes. After numerous manufacturers of educational training, or edification, was , even deceived life experiences, most of them have long been informed of the “Lao Jianghu” the. If the manufacturers have little influence the program of activities, there is no fresh selling point, there is no heart so that they feel the policy is often the voice you crying, they may suspect nothing new, do not want to participate.

Why the dealer does not buy it?

In my opinion, the most important program because they do not feature, and no appeal, no substantive issues of concern to seize the dealer, and finally evolved into their own one-man show, or enjoying themselves masturbation, did not lead to the climax of distributors, anything of unbeaten truth? A brief note is not hard to find cosmetic companies are now marketing program or a manufacturer’s sales Proxy Policies, almost all of uniformity, in addition to buying gifts or buying gifts, you orders 10 000, I will give you 5000 products, you will 100 000, send your car, in the intensity of major policies would produce a certain indeed stimulated sales But over time, this seems to have numbness dealers, as well as temper after years of market, they already have their own calculator, if the goods can not eat in exchange for the silver shining white, often receive prizes more expensive than they pay. This has been very difficult to play this kind of sales policy to enhance the role of sales is often no set number of goods, but to pull down corporate profits. Thus, promotional activities often fail to produce the desired results, hot face on the cool bottom, can not help but carefully frustrations. A promotion is not visible enterprise’s own wishful, more than clean-up inventory, but the full account of the objective situation of dealers, in conjunction with enterprise resources, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and participation of dealers active in order to ensure the success of the activities.

Good marketing policy must be able to boost sales distributors and end the “second” layer policy.

I believe that, in order to avoid the promotion of failure situation, the key to do a good marketing program, marketing policies in accordance with the role of the different objects can be divided into two types: one is in a terminal on the role of the consumer, If you purchase a few products you can get gifts or small gifts, etc., is to promote consumers to buy products. Another is that manufacturers do for the upper reaches of the dealers, the majority of gifts bought through the purchase incentives approach, to promote increased dealer purchase.

Many cosmetics business promotions or just for an easy buying gifts, there is not for dealers to consider how the products sold to end, reach the hands of consumers.

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