People’s Network? Tianjin window on February 8 Xinhua: Chinese New Year approaches, the traditional annual jewelry Binhai New Area, “Beauty” appearance. Reporters recently visited found that compared with previous years, couplets, diao, window grilles, the character puppets such as jewelry and Chinese zodiac signs, more creative and stylish elements were fresh, the traditional jewelry market is on the creative industries to display their “fist” put up a vast arena .

Creative popular in jewelry

Traditional market value on a few dollars of couplets, after packaging, worth double the maximum to sell on more than 10 dollars. Yesterday (7), the reporter in the zone of a large supermarket to see a lot of “Gift Box” couplets, which are printed on “auspicious” and other words. The “packaging” of couplets after the highest price of 14.9 yuan per site. Although the price “not cheap”, but packaged couplets popular. A man working in the coastal told reporters that such a package of couplets, although more expensive, but easy to carry, give as gifts are also quite decent.

In addition to Spring Festival couplets, the window grilles, the character, diao, and puppets and other animal is also more design ingenuity, flocking texture of “Fu” character, into the sand painting techniques, beautiful color; window grilles, diao formed body design “version” “implanted” lifelike tiger style; naive cartoon tiger cloth tiger embedded in the image of the traditional Chinese style clay, puppets reflect cultural heritage and innovation.

Creative jewelry and more for foreign goods in

Interview, reporters found that the popular idea in decorative items are from Yiwu, Zhejiang, and Hebei, and Shandong.

In a large supermarket, a large cartoon produced in Shandong, each tiger has marked the price of nearly three thousand dollars. It is understood that such a cartoon tiger has sold two or three. Other types of cartoon cloth tiger cloth tiger software prices are also a 20 yuan per day, can also sell 3 40. Yesterday, one from the factory Hebei official told reporters, with the accessories market to grow in recent years, access to products in this area continued to increase. Because years ago, sales focused, innovative products are running low.

Coastal creative industries will be for

Binhai New Area for many years in jewelry and toys business Qixian Sheng told reporters that rising consumption levels in the context of a huge market is shaped by and decorations. Chinese New Year ornaments in Binhai New Area, for example, annual turnover of around 30% in order to grow. Among them, Dongli District, a production company Tiger cloth, cloth tiger is only a year market sales will reach several hundred thousand dollars, together with other toys, jewelry sales are expected to reach 10 million yuan, up 20% last year about. Currently occupy the domestic as well as most of the local market of products from the South and other places, their creativity and ability to continually enhance business are constantly upgraded to meet the consumption, but also for the creative industries provide a huge space for development. The continuous development of Binhai New Area, the creative industries, should identify the position in the market and achieve make a difference

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